Weekend Linkage: Bad Habits, Automatically Poor, and the Recession

by Jason Unger

While things are looking up in this economy — the Dow hits 9000, housing sales are up and companies are reporting better-than-expected results — it’s still tough out there. Some are even suggesting that we’re only in the first third of the recession.

But just because times are difficult doesn’t mean you can’t do better and prosper. This week, make it happen.

jtopp at Redeeming Riches presents How to Change Your Bad Money Habits. While this take has a Christian perspective, the principles can be applied to anyone looking to improve their money management skills.

Amanda Grossman, guest posting at My Dollar Plan, writes about The Automatic Poorhouse. She’s got an interesting, real-life experience in automating her finances and living with a paycheck-to-paycheck mentality. While she may be feeling the pinch throughout the month, she’ll succeed in the end since she’s paying herself first.

Studenomics says to Stop Blaming The Recession For Everything. It’s easy to let outside forces dictate how you act and your situation in life, but you have the ability to do something — and you should.

Lastly, Sun at The Sun’s Financial Diary says it’s Time to Dump Ally Bank. We haven’t discussed Ally, a relative newcomes to the online banking sphere, but Sun has apparently had some difficulty with them recently.

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