Best of Automatic Finances: February 2010

by Jason Unger

In the shortest month of the year, you had a lot to say about the stories posted here at Automatic Finances.

While there were fewer posts than normal during February, you certainly chimed in with your opinions on topics from cutting the Federal deficit to having an emergency fund to paying for college.

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The Best of Automatic Finances: February 2010

  1. What’s More Important: An Emergency Fund or Being Debt Free?
  2. How to Cut the Federal Deficit
  3. Do the Wealthy Really Earn What They Produce?
  4. Self-Employment Taxes: What You Need to Know
  5. Are Savers Losers? Or, is Robert Kiyosaki For Real?
  6. Who’s to Blame for College Financial Aid Shortfalls?
  7. Ask the Readers: Have You Filed Your Taxes Yet?
  8. The Paper Documents You Actually Need to Keep
  9. Ask the Readers: Does Corporate Campaign Financing Matter?
  10. Can Internet Competition Open Up the Textbook Market?

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