Best of Automatic Finances: January 2010

by Jason Unger

Talk about a great month for Automatic Finances!

We kicked it into gear in January, posting our highest traffic ever, thanks to some great pickup by the most popular post on the site: Can Monkeys Pick Stocks Better than Experts?

But the focus last month really was on smart financial decisions. And there’s an easy way to start making smart financial decisions.

If you haven’t downloaded your copy of Automatic Finances: 17 Days to Your Financial Freedom, you absolutely need to do it now. This is the must-have guide to taking control of your finances, and spending less time worrying about your money.

The Best of Automatic Finances: January 2010

  1. What Will Your Tax Refund Look Like This Year?
  2. How to Follow the Entire Personal Finance Blogosphere
  3. The Right Way to Pay for Health Care
  4. When Will You Have Enough?
  5. How to Save Money Like Jay Leno
  6. The Best Argument Against Stock Picking Experts
  7. Which College Degrees Have the Best Job Opportunities?
  8. Stock Picking Experts vs. Coin Flippers: Who Wins?
  9. Lessons Learned from a 21-Year-Old Lottery Winner
  10. Is It Time to Start Enforcing Antitrust Laws Again?

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