Best of Automatic Finances: June 2009

by Jason Unger

Thanks to you all, we’re starting to get some great momentum and pickup here at Automatic Finances.

June was a great month for the site, with traffic up significantly from May — more than a 355% increase in visits and unique visitors. Our first big pickup came via the Consumerist, which highlighted the number one story in June’s best list.

In fact, Nickel from FiveCentNickel recently named the site one of the Top 10 Up and Coming Personal Finance Blogs in a post at

We’reĀ  adding to our personal finance and investing coverage with some opinions on the economy and money tips for your business. We’ve also added a few new contributors to the site — Lee and Louis — and we’re looking to expand aggressively.

If you’re interested in being a part of the team, contact me now.

The Best of Automatic Finances: June 2009

  1. 5 Personal Finance Podcasts Worth Downloading
  2. Are You Your Biggest Savings Enemy?
  3. For First-Time Homebuyers, Consider This
  4. Investing vs. Trading: Which Are You Doing?
  5. The Best News Coming Out of the Recession
  6. Will Taxing Health Care Benefits Pay for Reform?
  7. Sometimes, It Pays to Complain
  8. Ask the Readers: Debit, Credit or Cash?
  9. How to Manage Your Personal Finances Online
  10. Why Cash for Clunkers Will Hurt Low-Income Drivers

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