Best of Automatic Finances: March 2010

by Jason Unger

We tend not to focus on ongoing themes or topics here at Automatic Finances, but if there’s one idea that tied together the month of March, it was fundamental personal finance advice.

You may be used to hearing all of the basics: spend less than you make, prepare for emergencies, and save for the future. But everyone has a little twist on it — and, as we’ve found by looking at the advice of personal finance pundits and celebrities, it can’t all be trusted.

Here’s the best of Automatic Finances for March 2010.

The Best of Automatic Finances: March 2010

  1. Can Any Personal Finance Pundit Be Trusted?
  2. Inside Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Seminars
  3. The Scary Truth About Saving For Retirement
  4. It’s Time for an Employment Revolution
  5. Why Bank of America Fired Me
  6. How Much are Replacement Jobs Helping the Economy?
  7. Please Don’t Listen to Celebrities for Financial Advice
  8. The Upside to Celebrity Financial Advice
  9. The Lamest Argument Against Index Funds
  10. Where’s the Real Financial Reform?

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