Best of Automatic Finances: May 2009

by Jason Unger

I may be a couple of days late on this roundup, but you’ll have to forgive me: I’m dealing with my new responsibilities of homeownership.

Not only are we going through the process of unpacking boxes and putting everything in its place, but we encountered the first unexpected expense of owning a home: repairs.

The day we moved in, our movers found a pool of water under the carpet in my basement office. Theories on where it came from went from carpet cleaners to plumbing to rainwater seeping in to the roof leaking.

Long story short, a tube connected to the air conditioner was dripping on the wall opposite my office. Once we got the tube draining, we’re all set. But the carpet is ruined, and may be moldy, so we need to get that replaced.

Thankfully, it could have been worse (could you imagine doing roof-work one-week into homeownership?).

So, without delay, let’s look at some great posts from last month.

The Best of Automatic Finances: May 2009

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