Best of Automatic Finances: September 2009

by Jason Unger

As we turn into the fall season and the weather gets colder, now’s the time to be improving your financial situation, whether it’s getting out of debt, building up an emergency fund or diversifying your income streams.

Quite honestly, the people who will come out of this economy with the most are the people who aren’t waiting to hear that it’s a good time to be investing or start a business — they’re doing it already.

Now’s the time to start making a change for the better. Read these posts and you’ll be well on your way.

The Best of Automatic Finances: September 2009

  1. Money Hacks Carnival #80
  2. To Save at College, Leverage Your Flagship University
  3. Can a National Risk Pool Save Health Insurance?
  4. How to Prevent Debt Using Financial Automation
  5. How to Create a Budget
  6. If You’re Going to Trade Stocks, Read This First
  7. Why Can’t the Government Get Out of Debt?
  8. Transportation Isn’t Really Open to Free Enterprise
  9. Change Your Attitudes to Change Your Finances
  10. Should You Keep Multiple Investment Accounts?

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