Weekend Linkage: Coupons, Credit Scores and Cut Backs

by Jason Unger

Do you know the best way to boost your credit score? In this economy, as our friends in the media love to say, it’s not easy to get your credit score high — and then keep it there.

Visual Economics, who created the amazing graphics on paychecks and credit cards, offers these 4 tips for maintaining a high credit score:

  1. Build your credit history
  2. Know and maintain your credit score
  3. No late payments
  4. Monitor your debt ratio

(And if you aren’t planning on going away — or are already away — check out their 3 reasons to travel this Labor Day weekend).

If you read Lee’s piece on using coupons to save money and thought why bother, dig this: affluent consumers are the most likely to use coupons and be coupon enthusiasts.

Yes, that’s right. Households making $70k+ use more coupons than the average U.S. household, according to research from Nielsen.

Don’t be surprised: how do you think the rich got rich? Mostly, it’s from spending less and saving more. Little savings do add up.

At No Credit Needed, NCN shares how he organizes their finances. His goal? To keep things free of clutter. It’s always great to see how someone else keeps their money to compare what you’re doing.

Finally, CNNMoney is sharing 13 ways their readers save money. They’re cutting back their spending, but not sacrificing as much as you may think.

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