Weekend Linkage: Dave Ramsey, Market Timing and Jim Cramer

by Jason Unger

With the stock market having a few positive weeks, there seems to be a bit more optimism about the economy. But, as we’ve all learned, you need to separate your personal economy from what’s happening on Wall Street.

After his confrontation with The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart, CNBC’s Jim Cramer recently ranted on why he believes index fund investing isn’t worth it. Steadfast Finances has the video. (Read our take: Why Index Funds Are Your Best Retirement Option)

In that video, Cramer Monday-morning quarterbacks about selling when the Dow was at 11,000, even though Bad Money Advice (accurately) explains Why Market Timing is Hard.

At Fiscal Fizzle, Wojciech Kulicki lists 4 Unexpected Expenses You Can Count On. This is a great list of those once-in-a-while bills you should have a separate fund for.

Finally this week, Pinyo at Moolanomy hosts Dave Ramsey’s Financial Success Video. While I don’t follow every step of Dave’s plan, I listen to his podcast every morning and enjoy it.

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