Ask the Readers: What’s Your Favorite Personal Finance Book?

by Jason Unger

As part of our never-ending journey to learn as much as we can about money management, investing and personal finance, you’ve likely read a few books that really taught you something or made you see the topic in a whole new manner.

The beautiful thing is that there are so many books to read. The problem is that there’s never enough time to read them all.

So if you’re just starting out on your financial journey, you’re probably wondering where you should get started. (First place: 7 Personal Finance Books You Need to Read)

Readers, let’s help out people looking for a good personal finance book by suggesting your favorite in the comments below. Share the book, who it’s written by, and why you like it.

I’ll start: I thoroughly enjoyed The Bogleheads’ Guide to Investing by Taylor Larimore, Mel Lindauer and Michael LeBoeuf. It was the first book I read on real investing, teaching me all about investing in index funds and the right way to treat money.

What’s your favorite personal finance book? Let everyone know in the comments below.

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