Ask the Readers: Have You Filed Your Taxes Yet?

by Jason Unger

Even though I have all of my W-2s, 1099s and other tax documents, I’ve been pushing off filing my taxes for this year.

I’m not really sure why — probably just because I am super busy with work, life, etc. — but it’s one of those things where I keep telling myself to just take an hour, organize everything, fill out the paperwork for my accountant, and get it over with.

And yes, I use an accountant! So it’s not even like I have to install software, fill out all the forms, calculate everything, etc. – I just need to get everything organized and send out my forms to the accountant.

I’ll get it done soon (I hope) — I guess that’s why they give you a few months in between W2 deadlines and tax day.

Of course, if there was an automated way to file your taxes, I’d be done already … but there isn’t. (E-filing doesn’t really count)

So, I want to know: have you filed your taxes yet?

Let me know in a comment below.

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