Weekend Linkage: Investor Psychology, Financial Recovery and Google Voice

by Jason Unger

Why do we make bad decisions, even when we know they’re bad?

Emotions play a big role in how we think and act around money, and for the most part, they’re negative influences. That’s why automation is so important if you’re looking to grow your net worth.

Flexo at Consumerism Commentary goes even further, laying out 3 reasons why investors in particular make poor decisions.

  1. recency effect
  2. confirmation bias
  3. losing money is painful

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If you find yourself putting your financial life back together, whether it’s from a layoff, poor investment choices, or you’re struggling to pay the bills, you need a personal recovery. The Mint Blog highlights a story from AskMen.com offering a 7-Step Financial Recovery Plan.

Finally this week — though we rarely talk about technology outside of online banking and account aggregation, My Money Blog has a post on Ways to Save Money With Google Voice.

The service — which I use — offers you one phone number to manage all your numbers, with forwarding, voicemails as MP3s (and transcribed) and a boatload of other features.

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