Ask the Readers: Do You Manage Your Own Investments?

by Jason Unger

As the role of money managers and investment advisers change following the stock market crash, many “normal” investors are re-evaluating the value in hiring someone to make financial decisions for them.

You know that we’re big proponents of understanding what you’re investing in and, if you feel comfortable, managing those investments yourself.

But it may take a while for you to be ready to manage your own investments. I know that it took me awhile, even after reading a ton of personal finance books.

Obviously, there are a few benefits to managing your own investments, including lower (no) fees, making decisions specific to your situation, and the knowledge you acquire in the process. But there are reasons you may not want to manage your own investments, like not wanting to take the time to do it or not feeling comfortable with your level of knowledge.

So, I want to know: do you manage your own investments?

Answer the poll below and then let me know why in a comment.

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