Ask the Readers: Do You Mobile Bank?

by Jason Unger

As the Internet continues to change the way people manage their money, accessibility moves beyond the keyboard and onto the phone.

There’s no shortage of iPhone applications about money and nearly all of the big banks of mobile Web sites for people surfing on their phones.

But that doesn’t always mean people are using them.

Every so often, I’ll log on and check my account balances, but I don’t think I’ve ever moved money around or made a payment over the phone.

So, I want to know: do you mobile bank?

Answer the poll and let me know why in a comment.

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Louis May 4, 2009 at 11:13 am

I am afraid I will make some type of mistake on my phone.

Cabdriver May 4, 2009 at 5:02 pm

For eons [OK, decades] the bankers have been untrustworthy from my lil’ persons’ perspective. From my first account at fifteen, through bogus “fees” in my 20’s, & the mutual distrust of cashing my payroll checks in DC. in the 90’s [“We want to earn your business” MY response “Try offering me a cup of coffee & compete with my bank at home, rather than treating me like a criminal!”] Fingerprinting a prospective customer, now there’s a fine start to “A Relationship”. 15 years later it still brings a smile to my face.

And now they want to “help me manage my money, on-line”. Not when they say one thing & change the rules to their benefit [no coincedence, of course] 6 months later. Not after every company at one time or another since we civilians have been allowed on the ‘net have been “hacked”. Not after one CSR [customer service representative] told me “You should be careful who you give your card to!” [Gee whats the point of having this card if I can’t use it to pay for anything, now I have to teach Pizzahut how to run their machines? are you kidding me?] No Mr. Banker, if you can’t handle my money you dont deserve more of it, nor the opportunity for another excuse to screw me out of it.

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