Weekend Linkage: Online Banking, Tools and Automation

by Jason Unger

If there was no theme to last week’s Weekend Linkage, this week is the complete opposite: each story draws directly from the Automatic Finances system for money management.

Saving for Serenity lays out a plan for Automating Annual Expenses like birthday/anniversary/Christmas presents, offering two options: setting up subaccounts for specific goals, or having one bigger fund (a la the once-in-a-while fund) and taking money from there.

At Get Rich Slowly, JD rounds up 13 online banking choices for higher interest rates and increased security. He breaks down a recent article in the Consumer Reports Money Adviser comparing savings, checking, CDs and bill pay options for the online banks.

Following up on the Wall Street Journal’s recent story on managing your personal finances online, The Sun’s Financial Diary weighs in on Free Online Money Management Tools That Make Your Life Easier.

Finally, Wise Bread lists 10 Tips To Lower The Cost of Banking, from watching your transactions to keeping your money in a mattress.

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