5 Personal Finance Podcasts Worth Downloading

by Jason Unger

Every day, I listen to and watch a number of podcasts using iTunes, including news, technology and plenty of personal finance.

While you don’t need to have an iPod (or even iTunes) to listen to the tons of podcasts available, the iTunes Store seems to have the biggest selection of content all in one place.

Here are some of the podcasts I download when they’re published, including links to get them yourself via iTunes.

The Dave Ramsey Show (subscribe here)
Every day, one hour of Dave Ramsey’s three-hour radio show is published as a podcast. It’s the first podcast I listen to each day, even before some of the daily news shows. Ramsey is a great speaker, inspirational and, even though some question his math skills, his goal of helping people really starts my day off right.

CNBC’s On the Money (subscribe here)
Formerly a nightly personal finance show on CNBC, On the Money is now a once-a-week, hour-long program that airs in its entirety as a podcast. Carmen Wong Ulrich is one of the few CNBC personalities who offers sensible personal finance advice (I’m looking at you, Suze Orman).

Kiplinger’s Personal Finance (subscribe here)
I’m a big fan of Kiplinger’s — unlike most in the financial media, they don’t get stuck in the trap of offering bad advice because they constantly need something new to say. The podcast tends to come out irregularly — sometimes every two weeks, maybe once a month, but they offer something new everytime.

The Personal Finance Hour (subscribe here)
Started by two personal finance bloggers, JD Roth of Get Rich Slowly and Jim Wang of Bargaineering, the Personal Finance Hour publishes once-per-week covering a number of PF topics. It’s still a relatively new podcast, so some of the kinks are being worked out, but it’s improved every week.

Vanguard: Plain Talk on Investing (subscribe here)
The company that created the first index fund has an every-so-often podcast that focuses on their style of investing, often debunking arguments for active management and constant buying-and-selling. The podcast isn’t super fancy — there’s no over-the-top host (see: Jim Cramer) or music bumps, but offers solid advice every time.

What personal finance podcasts do you download? Share in a comment below.

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