Personal Finance on YouTube: What to Watch

by Jason Unger

We haven’t delved too much into the world of personal finance video (besides a gem called “In This Economy“), but there are a good number worth watching online.

While some personal finance podcasts are video, YouTube is host to multiple channels dedicated to improving your bottom line.

Here are a few personal finance channels to check out, along with some of their most viewed videos:

“Combining the resources of Kiplinger magazine with new web applications, provides a rich user experience aimed to help people improve their daily lives.”

Popular videos:

“The Bankrate network of companies includes,,, Nationwide Card Services,, Fee Disclosure and InsureMe.”

Popular videos:

“More Than Money. SmartMoney”

Popular videos:

“Saving money shouldn’t be hard, and at Money Talks we make it as easy as possible. Why? Because finding better, cheaper ways to live life is all we think about :)”

Popular videos:

What personal finance videos have you found? Share in a comment below.

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