So, How Are You Doing So Far This Year?

by Jason Unger

Believe it or not, we’re nearly 25% done with 2010 — a quarter of the year has come and just about gone.

It’s crazy how time flies.

It’s also about that time when you realize that, if you’re going to succeed in your financial goals this year, you need to keep yourself on the right track and push even harder forward.

If you’re looking to make this the year you get out of debt, or fully fund your 401(k), or get your emergency fund up to 6 months, or track every dollar you spend, it’s time for a financial check up.

How are you really doing?

  • Are you really on track to pay off your debts when you’d hoped?
  • Have you automated your finances like you said you would?
  • You’re not dipping into your savings for everyday expenses, right?

If you made a New Year’s financial resolution, then it’s time to take a long, hard look in the mirror and see if you’re doing the things you wanted to do.

If you are, great! If the answer is no, what happened?

Don’t be discouraged that you fell off the track. It’s okay; it happens to everyone. You just need to get back on.

This is one of the reasons I talk nonstop about automating your finances. When your money is set on autopilot, your savings builds automatically, your debts get paid off on their own, and your spending tracks itself.

But you need to get the ball rolling. Your finances aren’t going to fix themselves.

So, how are you really doing so far this year? Tell us in the comments. I’m going to add mine, too.

P.S. I mentioned last week that I was thinking about raising the price of Automatic Finances from $7 to $17 thanks to sales jumps, and today, I’m going to make it official. It won’t increase until April 15 (tax day), so to save yourself $10, get your copy now.

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