Weekend Linkage: Spring Cleaning, Service Discounts and Entrepreneurship

by Jason Unger

Now that spring has officially arrived (both on the calendar and in the forecasts), it’s a great time to do a bit of cleaning of your life: your finances, your bills and your career.

The Dough Roller starts it off with 10 Tips to Declutter Your Finances. These ten tips fall right in line with Automatic Finances: streamlining your money so you get more out of doing less.

  1. Reduce your mail and deal with it immediately
  2. Automate Bill Pay
  3. Go Paperless (Part I) – Statements
  4. Go Paperless (Part II) – Scan and Save Documents
  5. Unsubscribe via e-mail
  6. Use Google Docs
  7. Consolidate Debt
  8. Automate Investments
  9. Use Personal Finance Software
  10. Use a Debit Card

In this economy, where jobless numbers seem like they are going up all the time, Kiplinger.com advises Laid Off? Start a Business.

Finally this week, No Debt Plan tells readers to Cut Monthly Costs by Asking for a Discount. If you haven’t seen it yet, this is exactly How I Saved $936 in Less Than 30 Minutes Online.

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