How to Start Smart Financially in 2010

by Jason Unger

With the end of the year upon us, it’s time for all of those resolutions for 2010.

While you should be ignoring any “hot stocks” to invest in in the new year, 2010 does provide you the opportunity to get on your game and get your money organized.

For real.

So what follows here is a pitch. A pitch for you to finally get your act together and do all of those things I’ve been writing about for the past year.

You can’t make excuses anymore. Your life is too important to ruin with poor financial decisions. It’s time for you to take control of your money.

The easiest way to do it, in less than 3 weeks, is with a copy of Automatic Finances: 17 Days to Your Financial Freedom.

The downloadable ebook teaches you how to make your money management hassle-free, automatically:

  • tracking and categorizing all of your spending
  • calculating your net worth and watching it grow
  • saving for the future without pinching pennies
  • growing your money with the best investments
  • paying your bills without ever writing a check again

It’s the best $7 you will ever spend getting your life together. And I mean it. So much, that I will give you your money back if you aren’t happy. Every penny.

(You know how I can do that? Not one person who has bought the ebook has ever been dissatisfied and asked for their money back.)

Even if your money is completely automated (good for you!), the book makes an amazing gift for your friend, sibling, parent, child, co-worker, family member or neighbor who is having money issues.

This is my last pitch to you to get your copy now.

I’ve never been aggressive in trying to sell you the ebook. All the content on the blog is yours, free to read and use. The ebook is the complete product, offering a step-by-step guide to completely automate your finances, smartly and easily.

It’s time for you to start smart financially in 2010.

If you’re ready to make the plunge and really take control of your money, you need to get your copy of Automatic Finances: 17 Days to Your Financial Freedom now.

(photo: Optical illusion)

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