Weekend Linkage: Starting Over, Slush Funds and Clunkers

by Jason Unger

Each week, as I’m putting together the stories for the Weekend Linkage, I try to come up with a theme to tie them together.

This week, there’s no theme at all.

After Fred argued that cash for clunkers could hurt low-income drivers, Freakonomics looks into the bill actually passed in Congress, saying there’s Still No Cash for Clunkers.

At Bargaineering, Jim providers a number of Mobile Banking Safety & Security Tips. Do you mobile bank? Answer the poll.

SingleGuyMoney wants to know: Do You Have A Slush Fund? This is another great savings account to have, if you’re the type to spend on fun stuff but not want to feel like you’re dipping into other cash for it.

Finally this week: Do You Need a Financial Do-Over? Mr. ToughMoneyLove looks over a Business Week article detailing the best places to get a fresh start (including Alaska, Texas, Nebraska and Oklahoma).

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