Weekend Linkage: Suze Orman, Clutter and Debt Collectors

by Jason Unger

As we got closer and closer to the end of the year, you’ll start to see (and make) resolutions about 2010. Maybe you’re going to finally quit smoking, or start getting out of debt, or spend less (or more) time watching TV.

Whatever your resolution, remember that it’s up to you to get going and stay motivated. You can’t rely on others to make you keep your resolutions — you have to be responsible.

This New Year, it looks like Suze Orman is telling her fans to start paying with cash. Get Rich Slowly says that Orman is responding to new maneuvers by the credit card industry, which is trying to bring in all the money it can before new legislation limits its tactics.

As much as I dislike Suze Orman (her advice has always been bad), you have to give her props for this — even if it hurts her own FICO score business.

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Speaking of aggressive tactics, a woman in Florida is suing the debt collectors who harassed her husband, who died of heart failure after having a heart condition. It’s a horrible story, recounted by CNN.

McLeod is suing her mortgage company, Green Tree Servicing, for the wrongful death of her husband. McLeod said she thinks he would be alive if not for the stress caused by Green Tree’s debt collectors. She said they sometimes called up to 10 times a day and also called the McLeods’ neighbors.

“He would begin to sweat; he would also get very red in the face and complain about chest pains,” McLeod said. “We were worried he was gonna have a heart attack right there on the phone.”

Finally this week, if you’re looking to clean up in 2010, the best place to start is your pile of stuff. The Mint Blog shows you how to Get Rid of Useless Crap.

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