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Weekend Linkage: Buy and Hold, Overdrafts and the Internet Revolution

As we get into the middle of August and closer to the end of summer, we’ll start to get back into the swing of things. And as employment numbers “get better” — meaning less people are filing for unemployment — and the stock market ticks back up, perhaps brighter days are right around the corner. […]

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Profit Takers, Wall Street and Your Investments

Every so often I hear a television or radio commentator talking about the day’s trading on the New York Stock Exchange. Sometimes they say, “The market was up today, but profit takers drove stocks lower late in the day.” They make profit takers sound like bad guys. Does buy-and-hold investing produce profit takers? Or is […]

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Please Ignore This Advice

Remember how most fund managers can’t offer you anything except lower returns and higher fees? Well, in response to the economy, more fund managers are beginning to actively manage their clients’ accounts — and abandon the tried-and-true strategy of buy-and-hold. From the Wall Street Journal – Advisers Ditch ‘Buy and Hold’ For New Tactics (via […]

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