Your Budget Will Always Have Unexpected Expenses

I love the end of the month. When I can see how well we did — if our spending was less than our income, and by how much — it gets us one step closer to our financial goals. But that’s in the good months. In the bad months, it’s not as much fun to […]

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Weekend Linkage: Dave Ramsey, Market Timing and Jim Cramer

With the stock market having a few positive weeks, there seems to be a bit more optimism about the economy. But, as we’ve all learned, you need to separate your personal economy from what’s happening on Wall Street. After his confrontation with The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart, CNBC’s Jim Cramer recently ranted on why he […]

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17 Bills You Can Pay Online

People are often surprised at the number of things that can be paid for online. It’s not just shopping at Amazon or bidding on things at eBay anymore — it’s likely that all of your expenses can be paid online. From your insurance to your cell phone to your groceries, you can pay for it […]

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