Why Credit Default Swaps Should Regulated as Insurance

Congress continues to discuss financial reform, but so far have come up with nothing. Last fall, Senator Dodd of Connecticut introduced long and elaborate legislation to reform America’s financial system, but the law and regulation is essentially the same as it was during the 2008 financial collapse. Lately, though, I keep reading short reviews about […]

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How to Get Rid of the Health Insurance Industry

Will health care reform really keep costs down? In order to find out, we need to know exactly where costs keep on increasing. Shortly before the passage of the new health care bill, a spokesman for Anthem Blue Cross of California said this: “All health plans are in the same situation in trying to deal […]

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7 Easy Ways to Save $100 or More Today

Saving money isn’t hard. I know, I know — it’s easy to say, but it’s much harder to actually do it. Thankfully, you’re likely spending money on things you don’t need to be, or overpaying for them. You can save a lot of money making a few small changes — today! If you do any […]

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