How National Health Care Will Improve Your Salary

The latest turn in the health care debate drops the public option but would extend Medicare eligibility downward to begin at 55 years old. Since the words “public option” bring automatic opposition, health care reform supporters in Congress apparently decided to address the politics with some new words even though Medicare is already a public […]

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For Highly Skilled Positions, High Wages Are Needed

I have heard people say that the director/general manager/CEO/boss should have a higher salary than the people he or she manages. It may not be a universal thought, but in America, high wages carry prestige, which many agree brings authority. Economists commonly reject any idea that your wage depends on prestige or confers authority. In […]

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The Superstar Athlete’s Guide to (Mis)managing Your Money

What would you do with a multi-million dollar a year salary? You’d have it made. Money to spend, cars to buy, houses to invest in. It’d be the life, right? For professional athletes, the fame and accolades that come with the job often end up costing them more than the money they’re pulling in. Here […]

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