Weekend Linkage: Creating Wealth, FSAs and Your Home

by Jason Unger

Like a few weeks back, this Weekend Linkage has no theme, except that each story is interesting and should save (and make) you some money.

That sounds pretty good. Maybe that’ll be the theme: saving and making money.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, here are the stories.

At MSN Money, tax expert Jeff Schnepper says Home, the mother of all tax shelters. Since we’re first-time homebuyers, we’ll have a ton of mortgage interest and property taxes to deduct on our taxes come next April 15. Awesome.

Darwin’s Finance has a great look at How FSA Plan Account Contributions Can Save You Thousands. We’ve had an FSA for the past few years, and enjoy saving the tax money on health expenses we’d already be paying for. My daughter’s birth was even paid for tax-free!

Lazy Man and Money poses an interesting question: Wealth Creation: Is it a Myth? I’m not sure that wealth is a zero-sum game, unless you only consider wealth to be money and assets. What about a wealth of experience? Knowledge?

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