Blair Thomas

Crypto Fraud Exposing Legacy Banks to Compliance Issues

In 2019, cryptocurrency crime losses reached $4.5 billion, according to a CipherTrace report. Let’s discover more details and find an exceptional high risk merchant account for your eCommerce business. Crypto Fraud Losses Cryptocurrency-related crime losses more than doubled in 2019, thus making up $4.52, as blockchain forensics company CipherTrace reports. The majority of the crimes […]

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Mobile Payment Trends and Why It Matters

According to Nielsen, mobile payment users are engaged in a diversity of mobile payment methods. In 2014, mobile users paid with a scanned QR/barcode (45%), NFC (37%), mobile credit card reader (24%), and mobile peer-to-peer (22%). The variety of ways that consumers pay with mobile seems to be a reflection of the times. Right now […]

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Start Enjoying the Ease of Online Banking

The steady increase over the years of online services to take care of consumer’s banking needs has caused a number of financial institutions to do away with many of their physical locations. Instead, they’ve chosen to give their customers what they want, which is an easy banking experience that they can enjoy wherever an internet […]

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