How to become rich in a short time?

by Diana

How do I get rich quickly? The distance between the wealthy and the ordinary is devastatingly large and this gap continues to widen. Any practical usefulness from inspiration or advice the fortunate and extremely wealthy share is acutely limited. So how do you turn your life from zero to hero? Let’s take a look at it together, shall we?

We are constantly reminded that it is possible to earn quick money! We hear stories in the media about a successful trader, a lucky poker player and others who suddenly have become that little bit richer. You could also be one of the lucky ones? Everyday, your inbox is full of tempting “get rich 1-2-3 schemes” Maybe it’s not so difficult to become filthy rich as one might think.

The question you should ask yourself is, could this happen to me? What does it cost to get rich? How important is it for you to use your time and energy trying to live the American dream?

We look at a few possibilities you might or might not want to try.


Being born in a rich family is by far the easiest way to get rich. The dead can’t take their money to the grave. Talk about getting rich with absolutely no effort!

Online gaming

You can buy a lottery ticket, play poker or gamble in an online casino such as Guts casino or at any of the many operators that feature progressive jackpots. Monica from Sweden won a life changing €2,633,036 in April 2016 on a progressive casino slot machine. It is easy to be tempted to invest some of your money if you see yourself as the next big winner. But If you think about how the odds are stacked against you, you will understand the foolishness behind this plan. Online casinos will entertain you, but the chances that you will take down the jackpot are about the same as the chances of it raining actual cats and dogs tonight.


Marry rich or otherwise let rich people around you sponsor your pleasures. Possible need to invest in botox and other accessories regularly, but in the hands of the right sugar daddy/mummy you should be able to live in clover.


Commissions from previous work. Some musicians can live on royalties because they wrote a song in the 80s that is still played on the radio. The same goes for writers, artists and other creative types. Innovators can similarly monetize an invention they had many years ago. Oops! It simply does not transpire overnight. Easy money, not necessarily true, someone has to create or invent something of value first.

Make money online!

It’s easy to earn big on the net! Evidence: Bloggers earn hundreds of thousands a month on writing about what clothes and makeup they use. They talk about everything from diets, relationships and pets. But it is pure network bingo! Just because you think you know a lot about something does not mean that your blog will be successful. A dismal amateur blog will not make you break the bank overnight.

Investing with borrowed money

Investing borrowed money is a high-risk project that few are willing to attempt. Many billionaires would never have become rich without heavily borrowing and mortgaging their assets to the max. first.

It is quite possible to build a fortune of tens of millions in just a few years. The problem is that to get this opportunity, you must also consider the risk of ending up in a debt situation where you are guilty of owing such a huge amount that you pay for it from the grave (or your children will).

Stock trading

Stock trading makes it possible to increase the size of your existing assets. When you buy a stock you buy a piece of a corporation and you become the owner of a certain percentage of the company. The problem with stock trading is that it is not as logical as one might think. Not infrequently we see the stock price of a company plummet even if all seems well with the company.

How long does it take to become wealthy?

Fast money exists, and the truth is that there are many things you can do to start making this money. No blood, sweat and tears? Those convinced that they may be able to scrape together a few million in a short time will have a greater chance to actually do it. This is a self-fulfilling prophecy and shows that how one thinks about their own possibilities is not without significance. But for most ordinary mortals it is all but a pie in the sky.

If someone tells you that there are some good and easy ways to get rich for ordinary people, you can choose to accept what they say and go all in! Rational thinking is not for everyone, just look at Trump!

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