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The Balanced Budget: Every Penny Has a Purpose

When I first started tracking our spending, it was mostly to determine where our money was going. Although we had spending targets set for each category, we weren’t really sticking to the numbers — just aiming to be around them. While that system works for us, you may need something like the envelope system to […]

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How Generation Y Really Feels About Personal Finance

When you’re growing up in a recession, you tend to learn from the mistakes of the previous generation and try to avoid them in the future. For Generation Y, managing finances is important, according to research from Charles Schwab. “Making better choices about managing money” is the most important issue for Americans to act on […]

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You Don’t Know Nearly as Much About Personal Finance as You Should

It astounds me how little we are taught about personal finance in school. In my twelve years of public education, I never once took a class related to money. And I know I’m not alone. Turns out, the lack of knowledge about personal finance spreads across the country. According to a recent survey from the […]

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The Superstar Athlete’s Guide to (Mis)managing Your Money

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What would you do with a multi-million dollar a year salary? You’d have it made. Money to spend, cars to buy, houses to invest in. It’d be the life, right? For professional athletes, the fame and accolades that come with the job often end up costing them more than the money they’re pulling in. Here […]

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The Top 10 Money Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make

With the economy in a recession, the stock market through the floor and foreclosures kicking people out of their own homes, there have been a ton of financial mistakes made in the past few years. The situation is so bad that, even if you’ve made all the right moves, you’re feeling the effects of everyone […]

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7 Personal Finance Books You Need to Read

If you’re looking to expand your understanding of personal finance, there are a number of great books worth reading. While many investing and money management books focus on get-rich-quick schemes or trying to beat the market, the following 7 books offer sound financial advice. The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey The success stories speak […]

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