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Weekend Linkage: Active Management, Kids and the World Series

It almost seems like an echo chamber in here. We’re constantly talking about how index funds perform better and cost less than actively managed funds; now, we can safely say they’re less risky, too. New research from Morningstar, which rates and researches mutual funds, has found that rarely is it worth the risk to invest […]

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The Argument For Actively Managed Funds

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Look, it’s not going to surprise anyone that I heavily advocate investing in low-cost, passively managed index funds. They offer the best return on your money for most investors, and not only do they help you better understand your investments, they ensure that some salesperson isn’t hoodwinking you with their investment suggestions. But I can […]

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Are Your Actively Managed Funds Beating the Index?

We’re constantly discussing ETFs/index funds and actively managed mutual funds even though the comparison is so unflattering to actively managed funds. But don’t take it just from me. You need to do your own research on the performance comparisons. By and large, what you’re going to find is that very, very few active funds consistently […]

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Please Ignore This Advice

Remember how most fund managers can’t offer you anything except lower returns and higher fees? Well, in response to the economy, more fund managers are beginning to actively manage their clients’ accounts — and abandon the tried-and-true strategy of buy-and-hold. From the Wall Street Journal – Advisers Ditch ‘Buy and Hold’ For New Tactics (via […]

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