Please Don’t Listen to Celebrities for Financial Advice

While superstar athletes may be the worst possible role models when it comes to financial advice, celebrities are not that far behind. For every Jay Leno, who actually does know how to manage his money, there’s a Nicolas Cage (multiple homes in foreclosure, and had to sell his castle) or a Wesley Snipes (tax evasion) […]

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Weekend Linkage: Suze Orman, Lenny Dykstra and Your Financial Health

One of the things I quickly learned about managing money is that I needed to understand as much as I possibly could in order to make the right decisions. Hopefully, you’re doing the same (and not making these money mistakes). But if you’re listening to certain financial “gurus” or TV personalities, you might not be […]

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The Superstar Athlete’s Guide to (Mis)managing Your Money

What would you do with a multi-million dollar a year salary? You’d have it made. Money to spend, cars to buy, houses to invest in. It’d be the life, right? For professional athletes, the fame and accolades that come with the job often end up costing them more than the money they’re pulling in. Here […]

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