Should the Estate Tax Be Permanently Eliminated?

The Estate tax, a tax on the value of assets at death before ownership is transferred to heirs, has been subject to many pressures and changes over the years. Up until 1981, estate tax rates up to 70 percent were applied to the entire value of an estate with only a $50,000 exemption. Since the […]

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Why the Health Care Reform Bill Won’t Control Costs

For the first time, all but the smallest employers will be required to provide health insurance coverage to the workers, thanks to a bill passed in the House of Representatives (“House Democrats promise health-care victory as Republicans remain opposed to bill,” Washington Post, Nov. 8, 2009). The requirement is new, but the bill perpetuates the […]

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Does Congress Really Want to Regulate Wall Street?

More than one year after the financial collapse, Senate Banking Chair Christopher Dodd formally released a proposed financial reform bill, entitled “Restoring American Financial Stability.” The bill intends to create three new independent agencies: the Consumer Financial Protection Agency, the Agency for Financial Stability and the Financial Institutions Regulatory Administration. It intends to create a […]

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