Your Budget Will Always Have Unexpected Expenses

I love the end of the month. When I can see how well we did — if our spending was less than our income, and by how much — it gets us one step closer to our financial goals. But that’s in the good months. In the bad months, it’s not as much fun to […]

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Why the Health Care Reform Bill Won’t Control Costs

For the first time, all but the smallest employers will be required to provide health insurance coverage to the workers, thanks to a bill passed in the House of Representatives (“House Democrats promise health-care victory as Republicans remain opposed to bill,” Washington Post, Nov. 8, 2009). The requirement is new, but the bill perpetuates the […]

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Weekend Linkage: Good Debt, True Costs and Psychology

Is there such a thing as good debt? If you ask someone like Dave Ramsey, debt is always bad. The Mint Blog, on the other hand, examines the possibility of good debt, such as affordable housing, education and a car to get to work. Bottom line: The best kind of debt is debt you can […]

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