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Why You Need An Emergency Fund

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It’s often said that trouble comes in threes. This past weekend, I narrowly avoided not one, but three expensive bills. On Friday, the washing machine broke down; it wouldn’t drain, leaving the drum and the laundry full of water. Fortunately, I was able to open it up and disconnect the pump from the hoses. Inside, […]

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What’s More Important: An Emergency Fund or Being Debt Free?

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Having an emergency fund is one of the most important steps to financial freedom, but if you listen to some personal finance pundits, it’s not as important as being debt free. (Dave Ramsey, I’m looking at you.) When you’re financially free, you’re out of debt and have a 3-6 month emergency fund, but when you’re […]

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Weekend Linkage: Debit Cards, Debt Free and Emergency Funds

While most of the Weekend Linkage posts tend to highlight stories from personal finance bloggers, this week, we’re showcasing two links from the granddaddy publisher of them all: the New York Times. I’ve ragged on the mainstream media before for not knowing how to publish useful personal finance content, but the Times comes through with […]

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Ask the Readers: How Big is Your Emergency Fund?

Having an emergency fund is one of the first steps to setting yourself up for financial success. When you find yourself with a legitimate emergency — unemployment, unexpected medical bills or family issues — knowing that you can pay can be one of the most assuring feelings, especially in a time of turmmoil. Generally, personal […]

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Why an Emergency Fund is Crucial to Your Health

As much as you may know that having some money set aside in an online savings account for emergencies is important, research shows that it’s actually crucial for your sanity, too. The “Emergency Savings Survey Analysis” from the Consumer Federation of America has found that people with fewer than $500 in an emergency fund worry […]

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