It’s Time to Stop Paying Attention to Inflation

The October report of the Consumer Price Index (CPI), published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, showed an increase of one tenth of one percent in the general price level from August to September. Publishing a monthly index provides several ways to look at price changes and inflation. The monthly CPI can be compared with […]

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Ask the Readers: Is Automatic Retirement Enrollment Necessary?

Over the Labor Day weekend, President Obama unveiled a new set of initiatives to make saving for retirement easier, including automatically enrolling workers in 401(k) and Simple-IRA plans, reports the Washington Post. “The fact is, even before this recession hit, the savings rate was essentially zero, while borrowing had risen and credit card debt had […]

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Why Nationalizing America’s Banks is a Loser

In the current financial crisis, there continues to be people in banking and business calling for nationalizing banks. One recent example is an article in the Atlantic Magazine titled “The Quiet Coup.” The author, who is from the International Monetary Fund and has experience with international financial crises, writes that nationalization would not mean permanent […]

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