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The Lamest Argument Against Index Funds

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I totally get why some in the financial media hate writing about index funds: they’re easy to explain, there’s no amazing fund manager behind them, and the story generally stays the same over time. In essence, there’s only so much to say about index funds. They work. You can’t over-analyze and constantly produce content about […]

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The Scary Truth About Saving For Retirement

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You don’t have to be 55 to start thinking about retirement. In fact, if you’ve waited that long, you’re in a bit of a pickle. While retirement often seems far away if you’re in in your prime working years, you need to make it a priority … now. Because the scary truth is that most […]

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The Newest Investing Scam You Need to Know About

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There’s a reason why index funds are your best choices for investing: they don’t try to time the market they have low management costs they own an entire segment of the market (or the whole market), so there’s no stock picking involved This is not news. Study after study has proven that index funds are […]

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Weekend Linkage: Active Management, Kids and the World Series

It almost seems like an echo chamber in here. We’re constantly talking about how index funds perform better and cost less than actively managed funds; now, we can safely say they’re less risky, too. New research from Morningstar, which rates and researches mutual funds, has found that rarely is it worth the risk to invest […]

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Can Monkeys Pick Stocks Better than Experts?

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We’ve spent plenty of time explaining why investing in passive, low-cost index funds will out-earn actively managed funds in the long-run, and that most fund managers can’t even outperform the indexes they’re trying to beat over time. The underlying theme of these posts is that stock market “experts” aren’t really experts at all. They may […]

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Investors Switching to Index Funds – Big Time

As investors come to realize that active fund management often underperforms passive strategies, they’re switching to index funds — in droves. More than 20% of U.S. institutional investors have moved money from active management and into index funds, according to a recent survey by Greenwich Associates. While the consulting firm says it’s “not yet clear” […]

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The Secret Fund Managers Don’t Want You to Know

If your investments are being actively managed, your fund manager is likely keeping a big fat secret from you. He doesn’t want you to know it, because he’d lose your business. But it’s costing you money every day — your money. The secret? Most active managers can’t even top the index they’re trying to beat. […]

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Why Index Funds Are Your Best Retirement Option

When it comes to picking your investments for your retirement accounts, you may or may not have a choice. Most likely, your company’s retirement plan limits — or heavily suggests — what you should invest in. But for your Roth IRA, you have the freedom to determine where your money is going. If you’re looking […]

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