Can Internet Competition Open Up the Textbook Market?

The market for college textbooks has never worked well. In the age before the Internet, new books tended to be sold as a monopoly in the college bookstore. After the first semester of a new textbook, a used book market emerges that competes with new books sold at the bookstore. Used books remain as a […]

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Weekend Linkage: Buy and Hold, Overdrafts and the Internet Revolution

As we get into the middle of August and closer to the end of summer, we’ll start to get back into the swing of things. And as employment numbers “get better” — meaning less people are filing for unemployment — and the stock market ticks back up, perhaps brighter days are right around the corner. […]

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How I Saved $936 in Less Than 30 Minutes Online

Today’s post is from Debbie, my wife and — as you’ll soon see — a dealmaker. When our baby was born in February, I knew that our income would be slowing down and our expenses would be going up. Since I was on maternity leave from my job in a preschool, I wasn’t getting paid […]

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