Weekend Linkage: Smart Women, Unemployment and South Park

Happy 4th of July, everyone! Hopefully you’re enjoying the day with a BBQ, family and some fireworks. Today’s Weekend Linkage will be a bit shorter, so you can read a few great stories and then get back to your day. Liz Pulliam Weston, writing at MSN Money, wonders Do smart women marry money? I have […]

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Can Productivity Save Your Job?

America’s annual gain in productivity in many sectors of the economy is often overlooked as a source of saving. Productivity is measured by output per work hour. The gain in productivity is measured by the percentage increase in output per work hour. If productivity in appliance manufacturing goes up 3 percent, then a 3 percent […]

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Would Paperless Billing and Records Hurt Jobs?

The Obama Administration is described as computer savvy. They made excellent use of the Internet during the campaign and continue to apply computer technologies in their White House duties. They have suggested overhauling America’s health care records system by computerizing records and billing, and reducing or eliminating paper billing and records. America’s health care system […]

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