The Paper Documents You Actually Need to Keep

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In an age of online banking and bill pay, it’s easy and makes a ton of sense to go paperless, especially when it comes to the traditional bank and bill statements you’ve been getting in the mail for years. But for as many documents that we can store digitally, there are a few items that […]

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Ask the Readers: Have You Gone Paperless?

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In the age of online banking and digital record-keeping, it’s more convenient than ever to stop collecting piles of statements, receipts and even your bills. But that doesn’t mean people are ready to make such a change. A paperless financial lifestyle is easier said than done, but it’s accessible to just about anyone who wants […]

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Would Paperless Billing and Records Hurt Jobs?

The Obama Administration is described as computer savvy. They made excellent use of the Internet during the campaign and continue to apply computer technologies in their White House duties. They have suggested overhauling America’s health care records system by computerizing records and billing, and reducing or eliminating paper billing and records. America’s health care system […]

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Ask the Readers: Does Going Green Affect Your Financial Choices?

This is a little late for Earth Day, but one of the arguments always made for banking online and going paperless is that it’s environmentally-friendly. The fewer checks you write, the fewer paper statements you get, the more you use a debit card instead of cash, the fewer trees get cut down. For me, it’s […]

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Can You Live a Completely Paperless Lifestyle?

As you spend more time banking online and paying your bills online, you’ll realize that getting paper statements just seems outdated. Why do you need to get snail mail from your bank or service provider when you have access to a digital archive of all your actions? You don’t. Living a completely paperless financial lifestyle, […]

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