Ask the Readers: When is it Right to Get a Loan?

Taking on debt is a hotly debated topic in the personal finance world. Most people feel — including myself — feel that you should take on as little debt as possible during your life, but there are certain times when it is appropriate. There are others who feel that at no time should you ever […]

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Ask the Readers: Why Did You Choose Your Bank?

Last week, I had to open a new checking account specifically for my business, and ended up going with a totally different bank than I would have originally thought. I use Bank of America for my main personal checking, mostly because they’re all across the country and, even though I hate going, there are two […]

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Ask the Readers: Where Do You Bank Online?

Let’s start off the week with a poll: where do you bank online? For so many of us, we have a ton of different accounts for different reasons: central checking, credit cards, savings, investments, and more. That’s why account aggregators like Yodlee are so crucial to find where your money is going. Let us know […]

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