Consumer Debt is Down, But What’s the Real Cause?

The latest figures from the Federal Reserve show that U.S. consumer debt fell by $11.5 billion (5.6%) in February, with revolving credit down $9.4 billion — the third largest drop during the past 32 years, according to MarketWatch. This sounds like good news, right? People are paying down their debts and not relying on their […]

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When Investing, Stick to What You Know

Warren Buffett can always be counted on for great sound bytes that offer sensible advice for every investor. While not as pithy as some of his other statements, his advice that you shouldn’t invest in any business that you don’t understand is so obvious that it’s easy to lose sight of its wisdom. Buffett is […]

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Online Banking Hits Half of Internet Users

New research out today: 49% of the “online population” does most if not all of its banking on the Internet. That’s according to HSBC Direct. (read the press release here) “People are increasingly turning to Internet banking because of the increased convenience, independence and typically better value that it offers,” said Kevin Martin, EVP of […]

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