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Welcome, Readers!

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Now this is a pleasant, if unlikely surprise. If you’re coming to the site from’s The 6 Most Statistically Full of Shit Professions, you’re certainly in for some fun.

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The Best Argument Against Stock Picking Experts

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You know that there’s no such thing as a stock picking expert and that most actively managed mutual funds can’t even beat their indexes. So if you’re being sold on investing with a broker or in a “proven” mutual fund, there’s a legitimate question you have to ask yourself: why? Obviously, the salesman is trying […]

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Ask the Readers: What Does the Dow 10,000 Mean?

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Now that the Dow Jones has topped the 10,000 mark, everyone has an opinion on what this means for the state of the economy and whether or not we’re recovering from the recession. Obviously, the stock market is not the only indicator of how the economy is performing, but it can be a strong psychological […]

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Keeping “The Market” In Perspective

I have to admit to an interest in the equities market that borders on the unhealthy. I’m well aware that, over the long term, saving and buy-and-hold investing are the keys to growing personal wealth. But still, like a siren call, the excitement and adventure of short-term trading is a seductive distraction. Like any vice, […]

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Investing vs. Trading: Which Are You Doing?

“Investing” is one of the most misused words in our language, especially when talking about finances. Oftentimes, people use the word “investment” in a non-financial sense when purchasing something whose value is liable to depreciate, such as “I finally invested in a new laptop.” But when it comes to the stock market, there’s a difference […]

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