Why Reverse Stock Splits Hurt Shareholders

Once primarily a tool of shady penny stocks, the reverse stock split has become a favorite of exchange-listed financial companies during the chaos of the past year. A reverse split reduces the total float of common shares while maintaining the same total market cap, mashing the stock price of multiple shares into the price of […]

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Are You Properly Valuing Your Stock’s Dividends?

Recently, some of America’s big corporations have been cutting or eliminating their dividends. As an investor, I would like some income with my investment dollar. Dividends help recover the initial investment. For companies that do pay dividends, the current yield is an easy and ever present method to check and compare stock returns. One method […]

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Investing vs. Trading: Which Are You Doing?

“Investing” is one of the most misused words in our language, especially when talking about finances. Oftentimes, people use the word “investment” in a non-financial sense when purchasing something whose value is liable to depreciate, such as “I finally invested in a new laptop.” But when it comes to the stock market, there’s a difference […]

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