For First-Time Homebuyers, Consider This

Does it make more sense to rent or buy? This age old question is asked by many people considering buying a house. Recent studies indicate that the cost of renting now exceeds the cost of buying in many markets. In an effort to curb the decline in real estate value, slow foreclosures, and encourage home […]

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The Health of Social Security

A committee of Social Security trustees has published another report on the financial health of the Social Security System. The new report tells us what these reports always tell us: the Social Security system is failing or headed for collapse. New Social Security reports allow politicians to reassure retirees of their commitment to shore up […]

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E-Filing Your Taxes: The Last Minute Option

If you’re one of the many people who has waited until the last day to file their taxes (that’s today, procrastinators!), you may be better off e-filing. The IRS has a decent guide to e-filing your taxes, available here. If you are looking to e-file, follow these three steps from the IRS. Step 1 – […]

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