If Your “Bank” Asks You To Do These, Something’s Wrong

by Jason Unger

Since we’ve been talking a lot about banking security recently, it’s a good opportunity to remind you of some tips to keep your account (and money) safe.

Most of these items are going to seem like common sense, but you’d be shocked how often they’re used successfully to steal account information.

If your bank asks you to do any of these eight things, something is wrong. They’ll never ask you to do them, so if they do — you’re not talking to your bank.

From MoneyFacts:

1. Ask for your full PIN number or any online banking passwords over the phone or via email.

2. Send someone to your home to collect cash, bank cards or anything else.

3. Ask you to email or text personal or banking information.

4. Send an email with a link to a page that asks you to enter your online banking log-in details.

5. Ask you to authorise the transfer of funds to a new account or hand over cash.

6. Call to advise you to buy diamonds, land or other commodities.

7. Ask you to carry out a test transaction online.

8. Provide banking services through any mobile apps other than the bank’s official apps.

Again – most of this is common sense. But if you get a phone call from someone pretending to be from your bank, it’s difficult to verify if they’re for real.

So listen to what they’re talking about or asking, and make sure it’s not any of these.

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