These are the Best Online Savings Accounts Right Now

by Jason Unger

I’ve loved online savings accounts ever since I saw my first bit of interest accrue in my ING Direct account way back in 2006.

I was at work, had checked my balance in the morning, and then checked again later in the day … only to find I had more money in my account. It was the greatest feeling ever, and really got me energized to save and invest. Of course, those were the days of 5%+ interest rates, so money was basically growing on trees at that point.

Interest rates are waaaay lower these days, so you’re not going to get that type of return now, but you certainly can get some good rates and benefits.

GoBankingRates (via the Las Vegas Review-Journal) recently listed out the 10 best online savings accounts for 2015. Here’s what they like.

1. GE Capital Bank Review: Online Savings (tie)
1. MySavingsDirect Review: MySavings Account (tie)
3. Barclays Bank Delaware Review: Online Savings (tie)
3. Review: iGOsavings (tie)
5. Ally Bank Review: Online Savings Account
6. Bank5 Connect Review: High-Interest Savings
7. Synchrony Bank Review: Optimizer+plus High Yield Savings
8. CIT Bank Review: High Yield Online Savings Account
9. American Express Bank, FSB Review: High-Yield Savings Account
10. Flagstar Bank Review: SimplySavings

Go read the whole article, with reviews of each account and how to open them.

Image via Ken Teegardin

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