The Newest Way to Access Your Online Banking: Biometric Readers

by Jason Unger

So this is new.

Barclays, the British banking and financial services company, has come out with a new way for their corporate clients to access their online banking accounts: biometric finger vein readers.

Yup, you read that right – biometric readers.

Put your finger into the device, it’ll “read” your veins, and you’ll be able make online banking transactions without entering a pin or password.

Watch this video to see how it’ll work.

Uhhh … okay?

It just seems a little weird, doesn’t it? I mean, I guess for corporate usage it may be more acceptable to use biometric readers, but I can’t imagine this going anywhere for consumers.

According to Slate, “Barclays assures clients that the finger scanner will ‘not hold the user’s vein pattern and there will be no public record of it.'”

Well, that’s good to know. But this is still pretty weird.

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