The Scary Truth About Saving For Retirement

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You don’t have to be 55 to start thinking about retirement. In fact, if you’ve waited that long, you’re in a bit of a pickle. While retirement often seems far away if you’re in in your prime working years, you need to make it a priority … now. Because the scary truth is that most […]

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Are Savers Losers? Or, is Robert Kiyosaki For Real?

I stumbled across this video the other day on YouTube, and let’s just say, I was rolling my eyes the entire time. But, it could just be me. Watch this video, let me know what you think in a comment, and then I’ll share my entire thoughts.

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How to Save Money Like Jay Leno

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You never know where the best tips to save money will come from. (Well, we do know one thing: don’t listen to most athletes.) But there are some celebrities who actually do know how to manage their money and save for the future. Case in point: Jay Leno.

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Using Coupons and Calendars for Big Savings

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Years ago, a friend far more driven by money than I am shared with me this saying: “Pennies become nickels, and dimes become dollars.” His point, of course, is that putting together a lot of small savings or a lot of small profits adds up to something big. In order to cultivate a frugal mindset, […]

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To Save at College, Leverage Your Flagship University

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Every fall, U.S. News and World Report publishes its annual Best Colleges list, which includes current tuition and fees. This and other college guides are excellent sources of tuition information, but generally this is only the sticker price. When it comes to tuition, the schools to watch are the state’s flagship public universities. In Virginia, […]

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7 Easy Ways to Save $100 or More Today

Saving money isn’t hard. I know, I know — it’s easy to say, but it’s much harder to actually do it. Thankfully, you’re likely spending money on things you don’t need to be, or overpaying for them. You can save a lot of money making a few small changes — today! If you do any […]

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How to Save Money Using Twitter

Twitter seems to be getting all the attention these days, from its use in organizing and spreading information about the recent election in Iran to its role in crashing sites after the death of Michael Jackson. While many people first think the service is nothing but a way to broadcast what you’re having for breakfast, […]

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Savings Rate Hits 6.9%, Highest Since 1993

More good news coming from the recession: the personal savings rate continues to increase, hitting 6.9% in May. That’s up from 5.6% in April, and the highest since December of 1993, when it was 7.6% (according to the Wall Street Journal). At the same time, spending was up 0.3% in May and disposable personal income […]

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Are You Your Biggest Savings Enemy?

When it comes to managing your financial success, there’s no one more qualified to make decisions than you. (Yes, not even many fund managers.) But even though it’s up to you to plan out and execute your financial goals, you may be getting in the way of your own success. Let me share a story […]

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Sometimes, It Pays to Complain

When we moved into our new house, we did all of the normal updates: forward mail with the post office, update our driver’s licenses, bank accounts, etc. And, of course, transfer our Comcast service. At least we thought so. Remember that great deal we got on our Internet and cable TV bundle? Comcast, in their […]

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Can Productivity Save Your Job?

America’s annual gain in productivity in many sectors of the economy is often overlooked as a source of saving. Productivity is measured by output per work hour. The gain in productivity is measured by the percentage increase in output per work hour. If productivity in appliance manufacturing goes up 3 percent, then a 3 percent […]

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The Best News Coming Out of the Recession

In October of 2006, I wrote a simple post at the Online Savings Blog called “Rule #2: Spend Less Than You Earn“. Now, this is one of the most fundamental basics of personal finance: don’t spend it if you don’t have it. In that post, I linked to a chart of the Bureau of Economic […]

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