What’s Inside George Costanza’s Wallet?

by Jason Unger

As I was looking for some great personal finance and money management links to highlight on our Facebook page today, I came across a slideshow from Kiplinger’s on 8 Things Never to Keep in Your Wallet.

The story is basically about items you should leave at home – like your Social Security card, spare keys to your house and your passport – but it made me think about how at times I’ve often kept way too much in my wallet. I’ve had spare keys, I’ve have receipts, I’ve had hotel membership cards, etc. all bulking up my wallet in my pocket.

The size of my wallet has even been compared to George Costanza’s (please tell me I don’t have to explain to you what Seinfeld is. Just Google it, you young-ins. Or look up the reference on Urban Dictionary.).

So I thought it’d be funny to take a look back at George’s wallet, and what he kept inside it. From change to receipts to Sweet-n-Low, here’s the classic Seinfeld clips on George Constanza’s Wallet.

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